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3rd Parties

Partner With Twilight Medical

Provide your customers the flexibility to complete scheduled service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Shift your PMs from day to overnight or during weekends to free up your ability to place highly skilled engineers on more urgent, complicated issues/service calls.

Relieve the daily PM load for your mixed modality teams.

Capture your after-hours and weekend revenue without taxing your labor resources. There’s an untapped pool of hourly billed service waiting for you to capitalize on!

How It Works

You secure the leads, and we complete the work under your banner.

If approved, we can use your specific documentation for a seamless customer transaction and experience.

You can purchase a single PM or an entire maintenance program with our customized packages.

Twilight Medical is an after-hours extension of service to your customers.


Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm PST.

Our service hours are Monday-Friday 5pm to 8am. Weekends we are open 24 hrs. Saturday and Sunday!

Certified Training

We are OEM-trained and will provide the highest level of service for your systems.


You can pay us by credit, debit, or P.O.  If you are a business customer, you can also pay by bank transfer.

Cancellation fees do apply.  Notify us 15 days prior to your scheduled service date.  A $500 dollar fee will apply.  If air travel arrangements are involved, a $1000 dollar fee will apply.

Once your requested service date is confirmed and scheduled, a representative will confirm building access and provide the information to the FE performing the work.  This information will also be included within the service request notes.

Yes, excluding all federally observed holidays.

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